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We believe in a Global world. Where everyone celebrates differences. Live in peace, appreciate & respect each other. This is why we created 595 images showing 85 recipes from 21 countries.

A limited NFT collection of computationally generated Art inspired by Art Deco & our personal circumstances.


Foodlovers project began the same day the Russo-Ukrainian war started. It is a call to action from ONUT, the collaborative effort of 2 Spanish multimedia artists based in Amsterdam.

We want to send a message of optimism to the world. We reflected on: What's one thing that unites people no matter their beliefs? Anything that brings joy & celebrated in every culture? Food! The world loves food! So do we!


At ONUT we are the results of our circumstances. Our experiences working & living across the Globe. We bring this mix to every creation. At Foodlovers, we bring:

Choose optimism, it feels better


Matoke Practical joke

Piri piri chicken, panic-stricken

Bobotie and yellow rice, fool's paradise

Koshari, cash & carry

Benachin, meet me in Berlin

Thanksgiving Turkey, political party

Cheeseburger, new world order

Mac & Cheese, chronic disease

Hot dog, monologue

Fish & Chips, apocalypse

Sunday Roast, trading post

Full English Breakfast, strike in Texas

Banger & mash, backlash

Mooncake, tax break

Dim Sum, net income

Hot Pot, afterthought

Kung Pao (Chicken), know how

Stroopwafel, unlawful

Haring ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’, profit sharing

Erwtensoep, working group

Oliebollen, all in

Soupe à l’oignon, rattle on

Onion soup, working group 

Croissant, nonchalant

Ratatouille, spooky duty

Macarons, coming soon

Bratwurst, at worst

Schweinshax, excise tax

Apfelstrudel, feudal doodle 

Kartoffelsalat, obedient expat

Gyros, treacherous shadows

Taramasalata, persona grata

Dolmades, social disease

Moussaka, serenata

Chicken Biryani, brave origami

Chicken Tandoori, obligatory

Peshwari Naan, long run

Satay Chicken, payday

Nasi goreng, genetic engineering

Rendang, get the hang

Pizza, invalid visa

Spaghetti, already sweaty

Lasagne, Fearless Mamma

Tiramisu, point of view 

Sushi, big booty

Ramen, uncommon

Ramen, over and over again 

Katsu Curry, in a hurry

Okonomiyaki, holiday wacky

Kimchi, blockchain simply

Banchan, pension fund

Bimbimbap, crazy bitmap

Teok-bokki, hard drive copy

Chilaquiles, what's your Achilles 

Chocolat, dark closet

Chilaquiles, talk to Achilles

Chocolat, dark closet

Chilaquiles, talk to Achilles

Guacamole, Holy moley!

Taco, surviving heroes 

Tagine, Data Mining vaccine

Harira, new era

Couscous, web3 swoosh

Mint Tea, Privacy bee 

Pastel de nata, persona grata

Bacalhau, here and now

Francesinha, Trading Ninja

Grilled Sardines, by all means

Caviar, political commissar

Beef Stroganoff, tradeoff

Borscht, at worst

Pelmeni, many penny 

Beef Stroganoff, tradeoff

Paella, security dilemma

Tortilla de patatas, bill sonatas

Chocolate con churros, finance gurus

Gazpacho, au revoir macho 

Pad Thai, wise guy

Tom Yum Goon, fiscal afternoon

Gazpacho, au revoir macho 

Lao/Thai Green Papaya Salad, sad ballad

Green chicken curry, do not worry 

Hummus, Love us

Doner Kebab, web app

Baklava, burning lava

Lahmacun, tycoon

Noodle Soup Pho, Tropical Spa

Noodle Soup Pho, no more art nouveau

Vietnamese Spring Roll, soul control

Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Tax Controls

Banh Mi, duty free

Banh Xeo Tom, Come back Home


Through our Art we want to send a message of optimism to the world. All funds collected will be donated to the SERHIY PRYTULA Charity Foundation providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainians affected by the war.


A non-fungible token is a digital asset stored in a blockchain. A new form of public ledger that is decentralized. NFT assets are one of a kind and they can only have 1 owner. The relationship and ownership are recorded in the blockchain network. It is public to everyone. Every NFT asset can be transferred by the owner. So the tokens can be sold or traded through the blockchain distributed ledger. Every transaction is recorded and registered publicly.  


NFTs from the Foodlovers collection can be purchased through With your buy, you will receive a full-size image of the piece alongside the NFT token. After the purchase, you would be the sole owner of a unique piece of Art. This will be registered in the blockchain network.


You would need only need a cryptocurrency wallet ( is quite easy and popular) with Ethereum funds and an account with To learn more, you can check this guide from Opensea.

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ONUT is the collaborative effort of Alix Martínez and Juan Real, two Spanish multimedia artists based in Amsterdam. ONUT is their vehicle to express reflections of the world while generating (self) reflection. Proposing alternative perspectives to audiences. Say hi at

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